Ketogenic Diet and Cancer?

The War Is On

Can what you eat affect whether you get cancer or succumb to cancer? How about ketogenic diets and cancer? Let's talk about that.

Does the "C" Word Scare You?

The "C" word certainly scares me. Every time I get a mammogram, I can’t sleep the night before and I worry each day until I get a clean result. Then, I feel elated. I escaped again!

The most amazing and important fact about followin...

What Is A Ketogenic Diet?

I’m going to jump into the fray. What is a Ketogenic Diet? What is a Paleolithic Diet? What is a Low Glycemic Index Diet? How do the Atkins and the Modified Atkins Diets differ? Which diet do I choose?

I’m writing a series of posts to answer my own questions. I lost weight using a Ketogenic Diet, and I'm a fan. However, I want to refine my diet to improve my general health. I need to go deeper to make the right choice. If you’re asking the same questions and are equally confused, read on. I’ll give my best shot at answering the first question. How do these diets compare?

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The Long and Honorable History of Fasting, Ketosis and the Ketogenic Diet

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay.

Ketosis and Fasting

We've all heard about fasting, and we've all heard about the ketogenic diet. The ketogenic diet is so well known that we've shortened it to plain "keto". But most of us don't know the history of the ketogenic diet or its relationship to fasting. We don't know the rocky course of the concept of diet as a medical treatmen...