Should We Wear a Face Mask?

Like a hound from hell, COVID-19 has arrived. We have to make a number of choices. One of these choices is causing great consternation. Should we wear a face mask?

The topic of face masks and COVID-19 wasn't something we planned to write about; however, the world forced us to learn about face mask wearing. We wanted to share what we've learned.

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At War with COVID-19

We've had a wakeup call. Viral pandemics will be our reality for the foreseeable future. We're at war with COVID-19. We must change our way of thinking and living. Could this be a good thing for us in the long term even if we suffer in the short term?

Oblivious to Viral Pandemics?

Are you like me? I buzzed merrily through the bird and swine flus. Past pandemics barely registered on my personal radar. Somebody somewhere was managing these for me. I was fine with that. I felt safe.