Should We Wear a Face Mask?

Like a hound from hell, COVID-19 has arrived. We have to make a number of choices. One of these choices is causing great consternation. Should we wear a face mask?

The topic of face masks and COVID-19 wasn't something we planned to write about; however, the world forced us to learn about face mask wearing. We wanted to share what we've learned.

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At War with COVID-19

We've had a wakeup call. Viral pandemics will be our reality for the foreseeable future. We're at war with COVID-19. We must change our way of thinking and living. Could this be a good thing for us in the long term even if we suffer in the short term?

Oblivious to Viral Pandemics?

Are you like me? I buzzed merrily through the bird and swine flus. Past pandemics barely registered on my personal radar. Somebody somewhere was managing these for me. I was fine with that. I felt safe.

Obesity Increases Risk of Dying: COVID-19

Those excess pounds are something to worry about during a viral pandemic. Obesity increases the risk of dying from COVID-19. If you're overweight, you are also at increased risk for hospitalization during this influenza pandemic.

We're all scared. We're all looking for good news. There is some, but first I'm here to tell the awful truth about excess pounds and influenza infections in hopes of saving your life or the life of someone you love.

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Brain Shrinks as Your Belly Grows?

Does your brain shrink as your belly grows? The answer, sadly, is "Yes".

Our beloved Western Diet, loaded with fat and added sugar, makes us gain weight, changes our risk of cardiovascular and metabolic disease, and alters the structure and function of our brains. Read the related post "Western Diet Makes You Stupid."

We'll take a closer look at the evidence showing that obesity makes the brain shrink. The scientific term for brain shrinkage is atrophy. The post title was drawn from an article by Willette and Ka...

Image of brain of an obese man. Shows overlay of a normal brain and a smaller obesogenic brain.

Western Diet Makes You Stupid

My hubby found this article, “Western food makes you stupid.” Wow, what a show stopping title! I had to find out what led the author to make such an assertion. This took me on a trip down science lane. Take the trip with me. I learned that the title, Western food makes you stupid," is overstated. A title which reflects the facts would read, "Eating a Western Diet will reduce cognitive and motor skills and cause dementia in some of us if we make bad food choices for a lifetime."

Eating a Western diet impacts your brain immediately in subtle ways with an increasing negative impact the longer you overindulge in ...