About the Authors


Thanks for stopping by. I (Linda) am writing for both of us. It’s weird to write about yourself, but here goes.

We are retired doctoral-level clinical neuropsychologists who operated a private practice in Salt Lake City for many years. We live in Jacksonville, Florida with our two co-authors and editors, Max and Minnie. Our chihuahuas make sure we keep to our writing schedules. Jacksonville is a terrific city. Look at one river view.

Linda Gummow standing in front of a bridge over a waterway

Let’s start with Rob. First and foremost, Rob is my best friend. He worked with the most challenging children for more than 40 years. When I met him, he was the rock star of the local speaker circuit. While part of the research institute of Dr. G. Patterson (Oregon Research Institute), he helped develop methods to improve the lives of aggressive children and their families.

He has worked with children of all ages in many settings, and he was part of our private practice. He has published several professional articles and parent training manuals.

I started my professional life as a teacher and researcher. I was always fascinated by brain development. How does something as complex as the human brain come to be? Although I loved academic life, I was never happy in front of a crowd. I decided to try a life geared toward helping people. At the end of my first week of a clinical internship in a Veterans Administration Medical Center, I was in heaven.

I had found my niche. In our private practice, we evaluated people with health, disability, and employment issues. I had a forensic practice, and I’ve visited more people in jails and prisons than I like to remember. I have authored or co-authored several scientific articles.

That was then, this is now. After we’d completed our butterfly garden in Jacksonville, we turned to things we’d always wanted to do. Rob started playing the guitar. I started writing a mystery novel. We started spending time at the beach, and we’ve recently adopted a turtle nest.

Robert Conger Holding two small dogs on a beach walkway
Linda Gummow sitting on the sand at the beach
Robert Conger Holding two small dogs in front of a turtle nest on the beach

Did you know that Florida has more species of butterflies than any other state? (60 different species) This magnificent fellow is a black swallowtail butterfly feeding on a zinnia:

black swallowtail butterfly feeding on a zinnia

Since moving to Jacksonville, we’ve self-published four books:

  • Unbalanced: A New Orleans Story
  • Confessions of a Carbohydrate Addict
  • Surviving COVID-19: What You Can Do
  • Kindle Create Add-In Beta: Don’t Waste Time with Trailing Edge Technology