About The Authors

linda gummow and robert cogner, authors
Robert E. Conger, Ph.D. & Linda J. Gummow, Ph.D.

Rob and Linda are Clinical Psychologists who operated a private practice in Salt Lake City for many years. Rob worked for a child treatment center, and he specialized in treating difficult children and their families. Linda specialized in Forensic Neuropsychology. She evaluated persons with health and employment issues. She also evaluated criminal defendants to determine whether mental illness was present or if they were fully culpable for their actions.

Rob and Linda have published scientific articles in their respective fields. Confessions of a Carbohydrate Addict is their first joint publication and their first foray into the field of carbohydrate addiction. Rob is currently writing a book on children and carbohydrate addiction. Linda is writing her second mystery book, Castle Killers. Her first book, Unbalanced, was published on Amazon.